Creating Email Campaigns

Hi Angela,

This is the walkthrough on how to use the template for succeeding newsletter campaigns.

In the video, I mentioned about using this Adobe XD template to create the custom header image.

Also please do let me know if this video below works. I think I recorded it in a much higher resolution and it seems to lag on my end.

Rachell de Luna
Pinterest SEO

For SEO, here are the steps that we’re taking to improve your SEO.

  1. Identify Keywords in the Industry

    • Through the search bar

    • Audience Insights

    • See what other popular accounts

2. Utilize keywords

  • Use them to generate board ideas. Board names must be simple. We can diversify our boards further. For example we can have one board for elegant wedding invitation and coloful wedding invitations

  • Use keywords as board description

  • Add keywords to Pin Descriptions

  • May add up to 3 hashtags too. Just add # to keywords

Rachell de Luna
Using Adobe XD


Hi Angela! We prefer using Adobe XD over Canva or other software for editing templates. Here are the reasons why:

  • First, it is free. It is the entry product of Adobe and you only need to sign-up using your email to use the program.

  • We may use your brand fonts in Adobe XD. Canva fonts are limited to their system fonts if not subscribed to their paid plan.

  • Adobe XD has an easy drag & drop interface. The easiest so far - compared to Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator or Canva. '

Here are the steps to use Adobe XD to edit templates that we created for your website images and social media.

  1. Please go to and click on “Download XD -it’s free” button. You’ll be prompted to sign-up for an Adobe account and install the program.

  2. Please download the Gray Sage Brand Fonts via this link. Click on each OTF file and install to computer.

  3. Download the Adobe XD file for Gray Sage Templates.

  4. Please refer to the video below for the walk through. Password is graysage